6.th International Ebru Congress

This week was a spectacular week for ebru..Hikmet Barutcugil organised who is teacher of ebru at Mimar Sinan Fine Art University.Ebru lovers from all over the world came to Istanbul.
We met with them in many conference and exhibition.And they visited my studio .I hope keep going our ebru friendship.




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New York – Bauman Rare Books- Erin Black has been with us

New York – Bauman Rare Books

Erin Black has been with us today what a great time we had with her ..Thank You .

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staff_12_ny            ERIN BLACK | BOOKSELLER

Erin came to Bauman in 2012 after a stint in Venice where she researched early printed books at the Fondazione Cini on the island of San Giorgio. Prior to that, she received a master’s degree in the Intellectual and Cultural History of the Renaissance from the Warburg Institute in London. When she’s not talking books at Madison, she may be found studying obscure topics in scientific illustration and philosophy in early print, tending to her herb and tea gardens, or kickboxing.


Turkish  marbling paper (ebru) class

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Elle Decor – Housebeautiful and Veranda magazines Editor Carisha Swanson from New York has been with us today.

Elle Decor – Housebeautiful and Veranda magazines Editor Carisha Swanson from New York has been with us today. We made wonderful Workshops Marbling & Tile painting in our Gallery this afternoon. Thank you Carisha being with us.

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11949383_910449798992822_3347023241919356302_nCarisha Swanson


I am a market editor at the Hearst Design Group:Veranda,House Beautiful and ELLE Decor.At any given point I’m searching for my next solo travel adventure,eating a perfectly seared ribeye accompained by a nice pour of bourbon or searching for my dream fixer-upper.My personal design style:feminen touches mixed with lots of pattern, color and art on every surface.

Hailey came to our (ebru) Marbling paper workshop from Korea

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Peacock style with comb                                                     Tulip and flowers


            She tried to make hydrangea flower


Colorful flowers and tulips

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Beautiful little tulips                                      and finally spanish wave technique

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Ali Senguler – Betul Senguler


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