Byzantine Ceramic Bowl with Weeping Bird

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Byzantine ceramic bowl with weeping bird is made with Sgrafitto (undercoat scraping) technique by Adil Can – Nursan Art Work Shop, and is unique and signed. Byzantine ceramics act as a bridge between Muslim and European ceramics between 9th and 15th centuries. These are red paste and white clay undercoat, olive green and yellow glazed ceramics manufactured with single color and multi color effusion, undercoat decoration, undercoat scraping (Sgrafitto) techniques. Especially weeping bird figure is widely seen.

Material: Ceramic concave plate manufactured with Sgrafitto technique is decorated by scraping the white undercoat coated over red ceramicist clay. It’s cooked in 900 degrees with green, yellow and brown glazes.

Dimensions: Height 10 cm, diameter 21 cm.

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Weight 2,5 kg
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