Marbling paper Workshop

$ 50,00

Marbling Paper (Ebru) art workshop


please send me a message on whatsapp  +905324602696
we can plan date and time together



The Turkish art of paper marbling, known as “ebru,” was added to the United Nations’ world cultural heritage list in 2014 as the first Turkish art recognized by UNESCO.

Marbling is the art of creating colorful patterns by sprinkling and brushing color pigments on a tray of jelly water and then transforming this pattern to paper. The special tools of the art are brushes of horsehair bound to straight rose twigs, a deep tray made of unknotted pinewood, natural earth pigments, cattle gall . It is believed to be invented in the thirteenth century Turkistan. This decorative art then spread to China, India and Persia and Anatolia. Seljuk and Ottoman calligraphers and artists used marbling to decorate books, imperial decrees, official correspondence and documents. New forms and techniques were perfected in the process and Turkey remained the center of marbling for many centuries.(

When you came to our studio you can try some tecniques of ebru art (stone design,back and forth tecnique,combed design,peacock design,tulip,tree.
You can take your papers in 2 hours after dry it.

Our workhops are private.
You can come alone or with your group .
It takes 2 hours.
All metarials all included.

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